Frames from St Ives, Cornwall

An oil painting of Langland Point finished today. Not the first time I’ve tackled this subject, and it’s one I now paint from memory. The second painting I completed some time ago en plein air at Porthmeor Beach in St Ives.

IMG_1439IMG_1440I bought these simple tulip-wood frames on a trip to St Ives, Cornwall. I like these frames but unfortunately I can’t get the same locally in south Wales. It seems it is a style peculiar to St Ives, so whenever I go there I stock up and make paintings to fit.

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Late afternoon, Three Cliff Bay, Gower


This is one of the ‘classic’ views looking down upon Three Cliff Bay on the Gower Peninsula, the first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the UK.

The warm colours reflect the late afternoon April sunshine. Oil painting on canvas on board, 31 x 31 cm.

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Mewslade, Gower


Mewslade is one of the less accessible bays on the Gower Peninsula, but is also one of the most dramatic, being enclosed by soaring limestone cliffs. The cliff shown in this small oil painting is Thurba Head to the west of the bay. On top of this cliff are the remains of an iron age fort.

In this particular painting, I have applied the paint quite thickly giving a textured impasto effect. Oil painting on canvas prepared board, 30 x 24 cm.

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February light, Langland

IMG_1063 2

I was sitting enjoying a coffee on the terrace of Langland Brasserie overlooking the bay when I was struck by the beautiful winter light glinting off the water of the Bristol Channel – predominantly soft greys, greens and blues… This 10 inch square oil painting is a product of that experience.

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Great Tor, Gower

img_3999-copyMist rising with early morning sun trying to break through behind Great Tor, Gower. This is a 12inch square oil painting on canvas board that I made some time ago.

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Pobbles Bay, Gower


The east end of Pobbles Bay, Gower at low tide. It was a showery autumnal day and I liked the way the light was shifting and playing on the cliffs. This is a 10 x 10 inch oil painting on canvas board.

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Incoming tide, Pobbles Bay, Gower (SOLD)

IMG_8954This small oil painting sold last week from Gower Gallery in Mumbles ( This is my only record of it – I am annoyed that I forget to photograph it before it was framed and hanging in the gallery.

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