The Great Tor, Three Cliff Bay, Gower


I have painted this monumental piece of rock many times, but previously always in watercolour. This is my first oil painting of the subject from this viewpoint. The Great Tor is the limestone promontory that effectively separates Three Cliff Bay from the great sweep of Oxwich Bay, on the Gower Peninsula. One is accessible to the other only when the tide is at its lowest and you are able to walk around the headland.

Oil on canvas mounted on a panel, 61×46 cm. (24×18 inches)

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Rhossili Cliffs from the Beach


The majestic limestone cliffs rising about 200feet above Rhossili beach, with the tidal island of Worm’s Head in the distance. The Gower Peninsula was the UK’s first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This is a rather larger painting than I have been making recently and I enjoyed the freedom of working larger. I have tried to keep it simple and not get bogged down in too much detail.

Oil on canvas mounted on MDF panel 24″x18″ (60x46cm)

This painting is available to purchase unframed. Enquiries to:

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Mumbles lighthouse & Bracelet Bay


I have been told on more than one occasion that my paintings tend to be ‘understated’ – probably a reflection of the British climate, and particularly the Welsh climate, and possible my own personality as well. The sun is shining here today, but Swansea does lay claim to be the wettest city in the UK. The default weather for south Wales certainly seems to be low cloud and drizzle, and I hope the soft, muted colours of my landscapes convey this.

7 x 16 inches (17.5 x 40.5cm), oil painting on canvas board.

This painting is available to purchase. Enquiries to:

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Early morning sun, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower


An oil painting made in ‘one hit’ yesterday, from drawings and photographs taken some years ago. It’s a subject I’m so familiar with that I could really paint it from memory!

It was early on a balmy summer morning. The tide was high, the sea flat and the air still. The sun was catching the tips of the limestone cliffs. I used a warm burnt sienna ground allowing the colour to peep through in places. This gives the painting a warm glow, with the intention of conveying the atmosphere of this tranquil summer morning.

30 x 30cm oil painting on canvas board. All sales enquiries to

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Lockdown dog walking, Caswell

Dog walking CaswellLockdown walk CaswellContinuing my theme of dog walking on local beaches, these are two recent oil paintings of dog walkers on a local beach.

Both paintings are for sale. Please send enquiries to:

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Dog walker, Swansea Bay


This local beach is a favourite among dog walkers. Although I do not have a dog myself, this has become one of my routine walks since the lockdown started. I have found that the restriction of being allowed only to walk from my home has meant that I am appreciating my immediate surroundings more fully. I find myself looking more closely at shells, driftwood and stones on the beach, and viewing with fresh eyes the light over Mumbles in different weather and at different times of the day. This particular painting is from that so called Golden Hour in the evening when the sun catches the lighthouse and everything is bathed in a warm glow.

30 x 30cm oil painting on canvas panel.

Below is a detail from the painting which I quite like as a composition in its own right. I may scale this up and make another painting.


Just a reminder that all my work is for sale. Please post all enquiries to my email address:

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The Old Rectory, Rhossili


Built around the mid-nineteenth century, The Old Rectory has had an intriguing past – from its role as a base for radar workers during the Second World War, to starring in the hit TV series Torchwood, and of course the inevitable stories of it being haunted. These days, it’s a popular holiday home run by The National Trust.

The house is much photographed given its picturesque setting, but for this painting I’ve taken a more unusual viewpoint from the top of the downs that form the backdrop to the house. I liked the composition with part of the sweeping curve of Rhossili beach in top left hand corner of the picture, shown with the tide out.

10 x 10 inches oil on canvas board.

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Across Swansea Bay to Mumbles


Mumbles lighthouse, pier and lifeboat station looking across the Swansea Bay from West Cross. Swansea Bay has the second highest tidal range in the world. At each low tide, a large expanse of seashore is uncovered. This area of the shore has a long history of oyster gathering going back many centuries, probably to Roman times. By the mid-19th Century, the shellfish industry employed 600 people in Mumbles and the oysters gathered here were prized across Europe for their quality.

12 x 10 inches, oil painting on canvas board.

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Morning walk, Bracelet Bay, Mumbles


Finished this morning. Mumbles lighthouse from Bracelet Bay. A milky sun breaking through morning cloud.

10 x 10 inches oil on canvas board.

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Dennis hits Mumbles, 16.2.20 (SOLD)


This is the view of Mumbles Head from Bracelet Bay car park – the view that most people are familiar with, and the one where I’ve sat in the comfort of my car to draw many times. Sometimes the rain falling on the windscreen fragments the view in interesting ways to distort and make strange the familiarity.

I made this painting on Sunday, 16th of February, the tail end of “Storm Dennis”, the rain has cleared although the wind at 50-60 mph is still whipping up the sea. It is this restless ever-changing sea that drew me to make this painting, with the late winter sun catching the waves and the lighthouse.

Oil painting on canvas board, 12 x 10 inches.

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