New year; new pochade box

My apologies for not having posted anything for three months, the reason being I suffered a bereavement and so painting has been put on hold for a while.

However, I am now back in the saddle, and rearing to try out the new pochade box, that I purchased from Martlet Pochades based in Penza, Russia. An excellent product and an excellent service. So, now I am all set and determined to get outside and do some plein air painting again. Watch this space!

The painting above was not completed outside, but is a trial run using one of a series of 10x8inch panels I cut and applied with three coats of gesso. The pochade I chose to purchase has space to carry two wet 10x8in panels. The subject of the painting above is that old favourite of mine, Worm’s Head, Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula, south Wales – my local playground!

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2 Responses to New year; new pochade box

  1. R Williams says:

    Hi Les, thanks for the recent painting, sorry to hear about the bereavement, hope you are well yourself.

    It’s been a crap few years, hasn’t it , just hoping we get to move on and resume some sort of normality soon, but I’m afraid it will take time to rebuild confidence to mix freely.

    We’re chasing the winter sun and heading to Madeira next week for a few days, feeling really old at the thought of it!

    Take care, Ruth


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