A few notes on painting

This week I discovered a rich seam of drawings, paintings and videos online of the American painter, Martin Campos, at work. I found them inspiring, and below I’ve jotted down some notes of things I have taken away from my viewing. These primarily serve as a reminder to myself, but I thought they might be worth sharing on this blog as well.

1. Use big brushes, and learn to use them, discover what they can do through continuous practice. Avoid small brushes as far as possible.

2. Use a roller – on its own, or roll down on paper towel over the paint. 

3. Use generous amounts of paint. The more paint you mix the more successful your painting will be. 

4. Don’t over mix your paints.

5. Use knives and spatulas as well as brushes. Leave the impasto until last.

6. Be fastidiously clean, clean your palette regularly and often – about every 20 minutes. Wash brushes and rollers, etc. frequently.

7. Enter into a dialogue with your painting, add and subtract paint. Don’t be afraid to make changes as the painting develops…

8. …remember not to treat your painting as precious. Enjoy the doing. 

9. Use the best pigments you can afford such as Michael Harding, Winsor & Newton Artists or Old Holland.

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2 Responses to A few notes on painting

  1. Liz Hancock says:

    I found your notes very useful thanks Les xx

  2. Les Thomas says:

    That’s good, Liz. Glad to hear they were of some use. xx

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