Pobbles Bay, Gower


The east end of Pobbles Bay, Gower at low tide. It was a showery autumnal day and I liked the way the light was shifting and playing on the cliffs. This is a 10 x 10 inch oil painting on canvas board.

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Incoming tide, Pobbles Bay, Gower (SOLD)

IMG_8954This small oil painting sold last week from Gower Gallery in Mumbles (www.GowerGallery.co.uk) This is my only record of it – I am annoyed that I forget to photograph it before it was framed and hanging in the gallery.

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Path to the beach (SOLD)


This is a small 6 inch square oil painting on canvas board completed recently in one outdoor session. I was standing at my easel on a hill in The Oxwich National Nature Reserve, Gower. The beach, Oxwich Bay, is just over the brow. In the distance is the north Devon coast.

I was attracted by the simplicity of the composition, the sense of mystery and anticipation suggested by the sandy path and the emptiness of the scene.

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Walkers, Caswell Bay (SOLD)

IMG_0143 copyCaswell is one of the most popular bathing bays on the Gower Peninsula in south Wales. The distant headland is Pwll Du. 10 x 10 inches oil painting, on canvas board.

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Three Cliffs Bay, Gower (SOLD)


A subject I’ve tackled previously, but never tire of. This is a 30cm square oil painting of, what is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful bays in the UK. I’ve taken a more intimate viewpoint rather than the usual panoramic perspective of the vast beach in all its splendour.

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Coastal Path, Gower


This is the path between Caswell and Langland Bays on the Gower Peninsula, south Wales. I used thicker paint than I do usually, particularly in the foreground. I enjoyed working the paint with brush and knife, and like the way the direction and quality of the brushstrokes remains visible, bringing out the character of the oil paint.

A 10×10 inch oil painting on canvas board.

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Mist clearing, Rhossili

IMG_0022I think this painting is now finished. I’ve tried not to tighten it up with too much sharp detail to retain that misty feel.

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