Two contrasting paintings of sand, sea and sky

These are two recent paintings of basically the same subject matter of sand, sea and sky. In the one above I have used a rather ‘sweet’ colour palette of greens, blues, mauves and ochres, whereas the one below is rather more ‘gritty’ and restricted to a few mostly earth colours. I actually prefer to work with a restricted palette, and I also prefer to paint the coast during the winter months when the colours are less saturated, more subdued. I like playing with subtle variations of greys. The winter months generally provide more dramatic skies and more turbulent seas that evoke the old Romantic aesthetic ideal of the Sublime – that aspect of nature which we admire but of which we are in awe.

Both pictures are beaches on the Gower Peninsula of south Wales. The one above is of Caswell Bay and the one below was inspired by Langland Bay.

Both are painted in oil on canvas board, the top one is 32 x 46cm and the bottom one is 30cm square.

Both these oil paintings are for sale, enquiries to

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2 Responses to Two contrasting paintings of sand, sea and sky

  1. Nice views of the beach, so many shades of greys in the water and skies.

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