End of exhibition


Well it’s over. After months of preparation my first solo exhibition at Oriel Bach, Mumbles has ended. It was a far greater success than I had ever imagined it would be. Most people seem to equate success with sales. Whilst I sold more paintings than I had expected I would, the sale of paintings was just one aspect of the overall experience. Yes, it is good to have not lost out financially and yes, it is always satisfying to know your work resonates with another sufficiently so that they are prepared to part with hard cash in order to own it. But there were other equally important factors. I was in attendance at the gallery every day. It was fun. I met lots of interesting people from all walks of life; I made new friends, was re-acquainted with some old friends, and made useful contacts along the way which I’m confident will lead to commissions and further sales. The feedback I got from chatting with people and from their comments about my work is invaluable. I’m now fired up with renewed enthusiasm to start painting again. I feel this show was a very positive experience  and a significant milestone in ‘the painter’s progress’.

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