Winter Light, Mumbles (SOLD)


This is an oil painting of Bracelet Bay and Mumbles lighthouse in January, 2016. I liked the muted colours of what was a cold, grey, squally day – not untypical of the weather in this part of the world! It’s 12 inches square on canvas board finished over two sessions in the studio.

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4 Responses to Winter Light, Mumbles (SOLD)

  1. says:

    Dear Les, I hope you are doing well. Your beautiful somewhat mournful paintings always remind me of Iceland :-). Four friends of mine and I are going to hop over from Spain to Bournemouth and Isle of Wight for a few days, the latter part of April. One of them suggested visiting Cardiff and King Arthur´s Camelot. Do you know anything about this? Are Arthur and his Queen Guinevere still roaming the hills there? Is it an interesting place to visit? Any suggestions? Sunny greetings from Spain, Gunnhildur

    • pobbles2000 says:

      Hello Gunnhildur. There are lots of myths and legends around King Arthur in Wales and the west of England, but I don’t know of any associated specifically with Cardiff (although it is a very good shopping centre!) There’s a pub on Gower called The King Arthur near an ancient standing stone, which is known as King Arthur’s stone. Carmarthen is also supposedly a corruption of Caer Myrddin, which means ‘Merlin’s fort’ in Welsh – Merlin was the wizard associated with Arthurian legend. Perhaps we’ll arrange to meet up if you’re down this neck of the woods. Les.

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