Gower Surfer

IMG_1504Gower Surfer

This is an oil painting finished today 10 inches square, framed size 17 inches square. The frame shown is a ‘St Ives style frame’, popularised by the modernist painters who inhabited that area of Cornwall around the mid twentieth century. They are still popular with the artist community of west Cornwall and I always buy a few of these frames every time I visit St Ives. I like the simple, clean, modern style, and have been unable to find a framer in my neck of the woods who can, or is willing, to make them.

This surfer could be Cornish, but happens to be local to me, spotted on a Gower beach. There are several beaches popular with surfers on the Gower Peninsula, including Langland Bay and of course Llangennith at the far end of Rhossili beach, which catches the Atlantic waves as they roll in.

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