Moonlight over the Great Tor

img_3277 copy

This is a bit different for me – a nocturne of Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, looking towards the Great Tor. I painted it in one hit today, and it’s still wet. I need to take another photograph when it’s dry.

A 12 x 16inches oil painting on canvas, mounted on board.

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4 Responses to Moonlight over the Great Tor

  1. Emma Cownie says:

    Beautiful work, Les.

  2. Nice painting, I never think of doing one in moonlight, probably because its so hard to adjust my camera to the dark conditions of night. A full moon, and a tripod definitely help.

  3. pobbles2000 says:

    Thanks Shawn. I didn’t paint this from a photograph. It’s made up. I know the profile of the cliffs well and they’re painted from memory. My intention was to paint the sun breaking through the clouds, but I worked on a dark ground of ultramarine mixed with burnt umber, and it sort of developed into a night time picture!

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