Worms Head, Rhossili


Working on the cliff tops at Rhossili, Gower yesterday morning. A beautiful day and a beautiful place to be. I was using Winsor & Newton Alkyd oil paints which are fast drying – too fast in the heat and sunshine for my liking!


Finished yesterday, this is a subject I have attempted on several previous occasions. I used a warmer palette for this painting which included Michael Harding cadmium red and raw sienna, and I prefer the overall effect of this. The painting is 10×10 inches, oil on canvas board.


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2 Responses to Worms Head, Rhossili

  1. Hi Les, former student of yours here.. I found your site when searching. Great paintings of Rhossii, it’s beautiful down there I took my wife and friend surfing there. I sent you an email

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