Dog walker, Swansea Bay


This local beach is a favourite among dog walkers. Although I do not have a dog myself, this has become one of my routine walks since the lockdown started. I have found that the restriction of being allowed only to walk from my home has meant that I am appreciating my immediate surroundings more fully. I find myself looking more closely at shells, driftwood and stones on the beach, and viewing with fresh eyes the light over Mumbles in different weather and at different times of the day. This particular painting is from that so called Golden Hour in the evening when the sun catches the lighthouse and everything is bathed in a warm glow.

30 x 30cm oil painting on canvas panel.

Below is a detail from the painting which I quite like as a composition in its own right. I may scale this up and make another painting.


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4 Responses to Dog walker, Swansea Bay

  1. Looks like a beautiful area! You really captured the person and dog well.

  2. Eric Wayne says:

    Excellent landscape. I vaguely remember the out of doors. Very refreshing, and aside from boy and dog, I like the sense of the weather and time of day.

  3. pobbles2000 says:

    Thanks for your comment, Wayne.

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