Sker House, Porthcawl

“Sker House is a historic building in Wales. Originally built as a monastic grange of the Cistercian order over 900 years ago, it is situated just outside the town of Porthcawl, near Bridgend. Little remains of the original structure and it was completely rebuilt in the late sixteenth century. Its residential form appears to have been determined by the preceding monastic grange. The house was made famous as the basis of R. D. Blackmore’s book The Maid of Sker.” (Wikipedia)

The house has been owned since 2003 by Niall Fergusson, the distinguished British historian. A few years ago, I attended a talk he gave about the house and how he and his family came to settle in Porthcawl and restore the Grade 1 listed building. This stimulated my interest and prompted me to make this painting.

A 30 x 30cm (12 x 12 inches) oil painting on canvas mounted on board.

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