A day of showers and sunshine at Rhossili

A Day of sunshine and showers at Rhossili on The Gower Peninsula, south Wales. The tide is out and the prevailing westerly wind is carrying the clouds across the downs. I love it walking these cliffs when it is wild and windy – as it so often is!

A 30 x 30cm oil painting on canvas board.

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2 Responses to A day of showers and sunshine at Rhossili

  1. Ian Prothero says:

    Hi Les, it was Smashing to meet you on the Inner Sound today, discussing art and geology.
    I have looked at your paintings – beautiful and the way you capture topography and atmosphere (and geology) is sublime.
    Here is the website we discussed: https://sites.google.com/site/ahistoryofmumbles/geology-and-quarrying-in-mumbles-by-ian-prothero
    Just in case you thought you could get away from it!
    All the best

  2. pobbles2000 says:

    Hi Ian,
    Yes, great to meet you this afternoon too. I enjoyed our chat – from carboniferous limestone to Wittgenstein to Alfred Sisley and back again. Thanks for your comments on my paintings. I’ve had a glance at your article and will read it tomorrow – some wonderful photographs of old Mumbles that I’ve not seen before.
    Keep in touch,
    Best wishes

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